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Patrick Hunt believes the perceived boundaries between academic subjects are too often arbitrary and artificial, and thus explores junctions between many intersecting areas of interest across the broader Humanities, sciences and the arts.


Academy of letters

Collected Poems 2015-2018

Patrick Hunt’s remarkable new collection of 110 lyrical and satirical poems derive from a lifetime of exploration, reflection, and literary and musical composition. He provides poems from a multifaceted perspective, using his experiences as an archaeologist, author, musician, and educator. Most of the poems were written in Europe between 2015 and 2018 and draw upon experiences in England, Greece, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Readers find in Hunt’s creativity lyrical debts to Sappho, Virgil, and Li Bai. Similarly, one finds musical influences from J. S. Bach, Franz Liszt, Vincenzo Bellini, Artur Schnabel, and Italian violin maker Antonio Stradivari. “Wanting to mine mountains of irony,” Hunt adds to a well-established reputation as a poet whose work is layered, playful, pithy, reflective, and polyphonic.

Stone Tower Press, March 2019
ISBN: 978-0-578-43438-4

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Landscapes Antique and Imagined


Patrick Hunt's fifth collection of poetry - in this case a hundred poems - follows his antiquarian and eclectic interests across history, art and music, mostly filtered through the meme of Classicism. At times lyrical, ekphrastic, and ironic, his influences range from Sappho and Martial to Coleridge and the Bible, as well as Rabelais and Verlaine.

Landscapes have always inspired artists and poets, whether real or imagined, and journeys are remembered through time and space, from ancient sites to ekphrases of paintings, especially Flemish or Italian Renaissance imagery. Poems include musings on artworks by Bruegel, Paulus Bril, Gozzoli, Grunewald and others.

Pirene Press, December 2014
ISBN: 978-0-578-15577-7

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Cloud Shadows of OlympusCLOUD SHADOWS OF OLYMPUS: Collected Poems from 2006-2009

In Greek mythology, the Pirene Spring near Corinth was a place the winged horse Pegasus frequented and perhaps this spring even began when the hoof of Pegasus struck the rocky hill above the city. Pegasus in myth is associated with inspiration and the Muses.

The poems in this collection from 2006-2009 are mostly lyrical, many on mythological and Classical themes. Some have been published elsewhere, including in the Penguin Book of Classical Myths (2008) and in Akoué, a publication of the American School of Classical Studies, Athens in 2009 and likewise other poems have been published by the Classical Association of the U.K. in 2009.

Cloud Shadows of Olympus weaves a rich tapestry of classical imagery that transports the reader from the gates of Elysium to Cyrus' garden at Pasargad and beyond. Drawing from an exensive knowledge of antiquity and its reception, the author presents a series of poems, each of which lovingly blends past and present.

Published by Pirene Press / Corinthian Publishing 2009
ISBN: 978-0578046754
104 Pages

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House of the MuseHOUSE OF THE MUSE: Poems from the British Museum

How do ancient works of art continue to inspire new art? The great poet Keats must have seen panels of the Parthenon Frieze masterminded by the Greek artist Pheidias in the new British Museum and probably wrote his great poem "Ode on a Grecian Urn" from that inspiration.

Some ancient myths are so moving that every generation revisits them in new ways, including music, art, literature, dance, theater and now cinema. We know Homer inspired Virgil. Ovid inspired Titian. Titian inspired Rembrandt. Rembrandt inspired Van Gogh, and so on. Inspiration is not limited to themes or ideas and may sometimes be found in small objects rarely seen or not always deemed major works.

A museum is a temple to the Muses, especially the Muse of History. This is a book of poetry about monuments and artifacts, some large, some small. It is a reflective response to these survivors of past cultures. Gathered from around the world and sometimes well known for millennia, the individually selected subjects of these poems have been studied in various light at different hours of day for years, encountered countless times by many.

These survivors belong not to one culture or time and place but to the world and all of history. These poems are dedicated to all lovers of history and art, but especially to those who have curated and safeguard them.

Read six poems excerpted from HOUSE OF THE MUSE

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Published through Ariel Books, New York

His poetry publications include poems in YOUNG AMERICAN POETS (1978), POET LORE (1978) and CLASSICAL OUTLOOK (1991), PENGUIN BOOK OF CLASSICAL MYTHS (2008) and AKOUÉ (2009), AETHLON (2009), and AMPHORA (2010), among many others.